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Forum update!

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Dear community,
We would like to introduce our latest feature update on the Forum along with an activity contest we'll be holding twice a month starting from now.

From now on, you are able to bold, make text italic, underlined, change its color and size, center it and add smileys.
  • [b]tags[/b] to make your text bolded
  • [u]tags[/u] to make your text underlined
  • [i]tags[/i] to make your text italic
  • [c]tags[/c] to center your text
  • [size=10]tags[/size] to change the text size. Supported numbers are 10 to 50
  • [color=blue]tags[/color] to change the color of your text. Supported colors are listed here
  • [smiley]clap[/smiley] to add a smiley icon. Supported smileys are: cheersbuddy , clap , confused , cowboypistol , fishing , ghelyon , happier , happy , icare , lovebirds , orcface , peace , sadbuddy , sad , sleepy , staleface , thumbup , zzz
Additional updates:
  • The top users page has been introduced
  • You will not be logged out until you log out manually
  • Forum activity rewards! The top 3 most active players on the forum will receive 500 points each and the top 10 most active players on the forum will receive 300 points on every 15th and 1st of each month.
Let us know what you think of the updates or if you have any suggestions!

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