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Forum is Live!

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Dear community,
We proudly present our very own made Forum we've been working on for the past week!
We've added a Reddit-type feature system with upvotes and downvotes so the stronger your opinions are allied, the more visible it will become!
We have also added a notification system so you can easily keep track of your posts, detailed customizable profiles, a private messaging system (new fast way to contact staff members!), follow system, plenty of subforums along with some new minor features.

Activity contest:
The top 3 most active players on the forum will receive 1000 points each and the top 10 most active players on the forum will receive 500 points on 27th of July.
Top 10 active players:
  1. Almero
  2. Veee
  3. Puzacar
Runner ups:
Stillrandomname, Oktii, Nags, Niltec, Byonedlimits, Haxiu, Wanheda.
RoHaN-OTs games have been bugged for some people who needed to use a VPN in order to play games - This issue is now resolved!
Get in there and start earning them points!
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Dear community,

We are for the first time making our very own forum! First version of it is expected to be done by Tuesday. Edit: Currently down for maintenance.
Please keep in mind it is still being worked on and we plan on adding many features to it such as follow system, detailed customizable profiles, private messaging, notifications, signatures & some other minor features.

Yours faithfully,
RoHaN-OTs crew


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The website has been visually updated and extra functionality has been added!
Performance has been significantly upgraded.
Password encryption has been updated.
E-Mail support has been added (recovery option coming soon).
Stay tuned for more features and updates!

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