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The website has been visually updated and extra functionality has been added!
Performance has been significantly upgraded.
Password encryption has been updated.
E-Mail support has been added (recovery option coming soon).
Hexana players can now link their accounts and play games.
A limit has been added temporarily, one cannot send more than 500 points daily to Masiyah due to server launch and to prevent inflation.
Stay tuned for more features and updates!

Paper Stone Scissors

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We've now added a new game called Paper Stone Scissors.
You can bet from 10 to 100 points on it and you will either play versus another player or a bot if no other player is available.
Good luck!

Highscores & Hub

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  • Highscores list is now available.
  • From now on, you can decrease your total points by gambling (for example, coin toss).
  • The hub has been moved to the RoHaN-OTs website.

Coin toss

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Coin toss game
You have to enter amount of points and the toss result.
If you guess the coin toss result correctly, you will win the amount of points you entered.
Otherwise, you'll lose the amount of points you entered.
Minimum bet: 10 points, maximum bet: 100 points.


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We're soon introducing a gambling system so you can gamble your points.
Stay tuned!

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