Unranked ( 0-200* ) - Bronze ( 200-500* ) - Silver ( 500-2000* ) - Gold ( 2000-3000* ) - Platinum ( 3000-4000* ) - Diamond ( 4000-6000* ) - Master (6000-10000*) - Challenger ( 10000+* ) * = Total points
If your linked account(s) don't reach the requirement of level 200 on Masiyah/Hexana OR level 5.000 on ForgottenL.
You can win Premium points on https://www.ForgottenL.se, https://www.Hexana.net or https://www.Masiyah.se by linking your account on the Accounts page and selecting what account you want to send your current amount of points to. You get 10 premium points for linking your account as well.
There are different amount of games you can play daily depending on which game, currently we have 2 games.
You will be given 5 random questions and 4 options to chose between. You have 20 seconds to answer this, gaining 4 points if you answer correctly.
You will be given 20 simple math questions gaining 1 point per question. You have 3 seconds to answer each question.
Fast fingers will be hard to play since you have short amount of time and it's hard to focus down the keyboard point, however, Daily 5 should be doable.
This happens because of your net provider, browser or computer. Try using another device or internet service.
Yes, if you lose them in gambling you can lose them, but not if you wish to transfer your points to any of the servers.

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